At-home resources for kids and parents during Covid-19

To our KiwiCo community:

As parents, we share the same concerns about the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, and the impact it will have on our families. Here at KiwiCo, we asked our team to work from home. Many of us have children who will be home with us for the foreseeable future due to school closures.

We know a lot of you are also trying to find a new normal, including keeping your kids busy at home. So today, we’re launching a resource hub for parents to help support learning at home, with loads of stay-at-home educational activities for every age, tips from teachers on effective remote learning, and kid-friendly content that connects science with their daily lives. To start with, we’re bringing you an explanation of the science of handwashing, to help kids understand why it’s so important. We’re going to be adding new content and resources to the hub regularly. We’ll also be switching up our newsletter to bring you helpful resources more frequently, and you can follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

Please take care of yourself, and reach out if we can help. We’re here to support you and your family during this time. We’re in this together.

Founder & Mom of 3

10 Children’s Books that Inspire Resilience

Many kids (and parents) are learning in a whole new way, and all this change can understandably be a struggle. Teaching resilience will help your kids overcome the challenges they’re facing today and build confidence to take on obstacles in the future. Here are some of our favorite books that can help kick start a conversation about resiliency with your kids!

Children's books that inspire resilience
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6 Podcasts for a Screen Time Break for Kids (and Parents)

If your child is learning at home, chances are their classroom time has been replaced with more screen time (check out our list of fun learning websites). And while screen time is inevitable and totally okay, there’s another resource for completely screen-free learning – podcasts! Our recommendations are for kid and adult ears alike, so feel free to play them out loud. And if you don’t see your favorite kid-friendly podcast on the list, shout it out in the comments!

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Fun Activities To Do With Friends And Family Members Over Video Chat

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Staying home and keeping a safe distance from others means you can’t see your friends and some of your family members in person right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them! Video calls are a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and see each others’ smiles from any distance. Here are some fun ideas to try together the next time you chat.

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How Viruses Spread & Why You Should Stay Home: Explainer for Kids

Staying away from regular activities and friends is plenty stressful even for grownups, and it’s an even bigger challenge for kids to make sense of it all. By sharing the science of how viruses are transmitted, we can help kids to see staying at home as a powerful way to help keep friends and family safe, rather than as something scary or frustrating. 


If you’re stuck at home right now, you’re not alone! Millions of people in the US and all over the world are canceling classes, parties, and visits to help stop the spread of a new virus. This virus causes a disease called COVID-19. For some people, this disease isn’t much worse than a cold, but it can make others very sick, and there’s no vaccine to prevent it or medicine to treat it yet. That means the best way to keep people safe is to stop them from getting the virus in the first place. Fortunately, there’s something we can all do to help: stay home!

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Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Parents

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment, and with all that’s going on, it is especially important to find ways to slow down. Science has shown that mindfulness can have a bunch of benefits for kids and grownups.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Increases attention and focus 
  • Promotes positivity, kindness and empathy 
  • Strengthens self-control 
  • Develops problem-solving and decision-making skills
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10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts & Activities for Kids

If you’re stocked up on toilet paper, don’t toss the empty rolls in the trash! You can transform these cardboard tubes into educational games, awesome art projects, and tools for at-home learning!

Teaching Tubes

This cute craft doubles as a learning activity! Younger kids can use it to practice the alphabet while older kids can use it to practice multiplication tables.
Learn More: Teaching Tubes

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