6 Halloween Costumes Kids Can Make

Oct 6, 2021 / By Megan

Get hands-on this Halloween by inspiring the little ones in your life to craft their own costumes (with a little help from grown-ups, of course)! From snails to superheroes, these simple DIY costumes are as fun to wear as they are to make.

Chomping Dinosaur Head


Build a big green mechanical dinosaur costume with matching dino claws. This costume craft kit contains everything you need to craft a spikey t-rex head, engineer a fierce felt jaw that snaps shuts with the pull of a string, and learn about hinges, rotary motion, and fossil detective work. Rawr! Order before October 18th for Halloween shipping.

Rain Cloud


This DIY rain cloud costume is so cute, and beyond easy! All you need is a few basic materials you probably already have at home.

Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume


Build a unicorn costume with a majestic mane, a noble snout, and a horn that lights up! The unicorn costume kit contains everything you need to make a unicorn head with matching tail. Learn how to craft with felt, shiny sheets, and lights; and read about the science behind iridescence and the animals that inspired the unicorn myth — all while getting your neigh on. Order before October 18th for Halloween shipping.

Jet Pack


Get your little one ready for lift off with this simple DIY costume. For even more space-y fun, pair this costume with our Astronaut Starter Kit!



Release your child’s inner nature-lover this Halloween with this darling & simple snail costume!

Superhero Cape


Make your own one-of-a-kind superhero cape, and you'll be all set to save the world! Personalize the cape with felt stickers that show your super powers before flying away! Red not your style? We also have a blue cape! Order before October 18th for Halloween shipping.