Back To School Printable Routines

Aug 25, 2016 / By Marcella

No parent who has just read “Goodnight Moon” aloud for the thousandth time needs to be reminded that children love repetition! Establishing a consistent routine really helps preschool and elementary age children deal with transitions throughout their day like going back to school. When they understand what’s coming up next, they have time to prepare themselves for change. That leads to more morning and bedtime fun…and fewer meltdowns! We’ve also seen that routines can help children develop critical executive function skills — which means that someday you might not have to ask them 10 times to brush their teeth and find their shoes!

Morning and Bedtime Routines

We created these printable morning and bedtime routines to help kids get out the door to school or daycare, and help wind down for a good night’s sleep. Print them out for every day of the week, or drop them in a plastic page protector and let kids cross out the steps in dry-erase marker.





Peek at the Week

Children love talking about plans for the week (even if they have a hazy sense of time). Teach them to look forward to soccer on Thursday (or a playdate on Saturday!) with this printable calendar.



How do you organize your weekdays?