Behind the Design: KiwiCo’s Professions Starter Kits

May 10, 2021 / By Megan Bates

Kids are often asked what they want to be when they grow up, so we created a hands-on experience to explore cool careers in STEM! The goal of KiwiCo’s Professions Starter Kits is to connect kids to real-life jobs and people using STEM skills to solve real problems and make new discoveries.


Each starter kit comes with a profession’s guide, materials for two projects, a poster with fun facts and a certificate of achievement. Keep reading to learn more about the Professions Starter Kits available in the KiwiCo Store!

Paleontology Starter Kit

“We knew we HAD to have a dino dig! We weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it but we’re really happy with how it turned out. This is one of my all-time favorite crates.”

– The KiwiCo Product Design Team


Uncover the ins-and-outs of a career in prehistoric exploration! Use tools to excavate bones, then assemble them into a dinosaur skeleton display. Make amazingly detailed fossil impressions with a set of mini dinosaurs, modeling clay, and plaster. Read about the geologic timescale, how fossils are formed, and the on-the-job adventures of a real paleontologist. Then hang up a poster featuring colossal fossil facts and some of the most dazzling dinosaurs of prehistory.


Astronaut Starter Kit

“Any kid who dreams of becoming an astronaut should start with this kit!”

– The KiwiCo Product Design Team


Blast off into STEM learning with this astronaut starter kit! Build and launch a pair of model orbiter spaceships using the power of pumps. Paint a set of model planets, then construct a miniature solar system that really spins. Learn more about space travel — from the history of space exploration, to the challenges of astronaut training, to amazing facts about life on the International Space Station. Ready for a space adventure that’s truly out of this world?


Veterinarian Starter Kit

“Little veterinarians-in-training will love using the tools in this crate (including a mini X-ray machine!) to patch up their stuffed animal friends.”

– The KiwiCo Product Design Team


Discover the important work that veterinarians do through hands-on play! Check up on a favorite stuffed animal with a stethoscope, syringe, and other handy vet tools. Explore animal anatomy by assembling organ and muscle systems. Play a “find the fracture” game using an x-ray lightbox and a set of animal cards. Learn to read cat and dog body language, and how vets understand animals when they can’t talk. (It’s ruff, but possible!)


You can also purchase the Professions Start Kit (3-Pack) to explore all of the careers at once!

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