5 Benefits of STEAM Education

Jul 21, 2021 / By Megan

What is STEAM?

STEM education has been around since the 1990s. The acronym represents four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics — and was introduced with a goal to help children develop skills required for a 21st-century workforce. More recently, art was added to the acronym, turning STEM into STEAM!

Why Is STEAM Important?

At KiwiCo, we believe if kids can learn to problem-solve today, they can change the world tomorrow. And that starts with a STEAM education! To help encourage kids to take on the future, our subscription lines and products inspire curiosity and build creative confidence. Each month, we’ll deliver hands-on projects that embody the benefits of STEAM learning: critical thinking & problem solving, confidence, collaboration, communication, and creativity & innovation.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Introducing STEAM through real-world applications helps kids understand the way the world works around them and the important role they play. KiwiCo projects are designed to make STEAM concepts more relatable so that kids continue to make connections and apply their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills wherever they are.


Whether making their own organs in our My body and Me project, or unearthing fossils with our Paleontologist Starter kit, KiwiCo projects are designed to keep kids engaged from beginning to end.  The time and effort your child invests in their project contributes to a great sense of pride when it’s complete! This confidence will help them embrace future challenges as they grow up. 



Collaboration is an essential part of solving tomorrow’s problems. And with KiwiCo STEAM projects, learning together using multiple disciplines is seriously fun. Whether your kids are using physics principles to race balloon cars, or practicing economics with our pretend-play Farmer’s market project, they’ll learn the importance of working together. 



A STEAM education simultaneously strengthens skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, giving children a unique opportunity to understand how all the disciplines interact. Studies show this understanding makes it much easier to communicate across disciplines later in life, whether that means using art skills to illustrate an engineering concept, or using math to explain the aesthetics of art.

Creativity & Innovation 


From sustainability to urban sprawl, the problems of today will determine the jobs of tomorrow. STEAM learning helps foster the creativity & innovative thinking that will be valuable, and in some cases imperative, for the future workforce. Raise the next generation of innovators by introducing STEAM learning from a young age with KiwiCo projects. 

Our eight product lines deliver developmentally appropriate projects, inspiration, and activities created by in-house experts, and tested by kids. In each crate, you get project supplies, detailed instructions, and educational content. Find the perfect project today at kiwico.com. 

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