The Most Important Thing: Siblings Creating Together

Dec 16, 2016 / By Sara Loca

Cyndi walks us through how her family keeps the most important thing the most important thing during the hectic holiday season. We’ve already grabbed some great tips from Sam and Jenna!

Hi, my name is Cyndi! I was born and raised in California, and am now living in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband and our five children (ages 9, 8, 6, 4, and 18 months). I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and enjoy documenting our everyday life through the art of photography.


During the holiday season, building hands-on traditions is no easy task. Even though it can get busy, those hands-on moments are the ones we will cherish for years to come. That’s why we build them year after year. One of our favorite things to do is create ornaments for our Christmas tree.

With five children, things get chaotic; tempers flare when they need mommy’s help all at the same time. Of course, there is only one of me and five of them, but with a little patience and determination, we get through it.


While the week consists of early mornings, school, homework, sports, and a bit of play, we manage to find the time to come together and find that balance that allows us to put aside all of the things that will not be remembered in the years to come. We don’t allow the chaos of juggling everyday life to interfere with our goal of strengthening our family connection by creating memories together.


Sure, we face difficulties. How can we not? After all, I am outnumbered. However, our determination has helped us to continue these traditions that create a stronger bond between all of us. Sundays, in particular, can be very special for us. Sundays are when we find more ways to come together and work towards our objective of creating more hands-on traditions.


Here are a few practical tips on making time for holiday traditions:

  1. Get together with friends and/or family to share ideas on how to better use the time you have to create these positive memories.
  2. Another helpful approach is to have the children work with each other as a team. This means not just relying on mom, but turning to a sibling for help and encouragement.
  3. Lastly, it is important to instill in children a sense of pride in everything that they create on the basis of their own hard work and creativity.

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