Summer Survival Kit

Jun 20, 2012 / By Lara

Now that some of my kids are in school, the beginning of summer has a lot more meaning for us: the end of school routines, the beginning of slower summer days (at least, in theory!), and an opportunity to tackle all the fun things on our Summer Bucket List.  I wanted to do something special to celebrate the start of summer with my kids, but frankly, the last week of school was just too crazy to get organized.

But did you know that today (June 21) is the Summer Solstice — the official “Start of Summer” (aka, the longest day of the year)?  So I’m giving myself an excuse for a 2nd chance at the start of summer, and we celebrated with these Summer Survival Kits.

I swung by my favorite retailer with the red bullseye yesterday for some summer essentials:

  • Swim goggles – we go through these things like socks. Seriously – how many pairs of goggles can one family lose in a summer??
  • Beach towel 
  • Books – for H, who just finished kindergarten, I got some new chapter books to read together from one of our faves, The Magic Treehouse series; plus some beginning reader ones for him to read to himself.
  • Art supplies – a nice fresh wirebound sheaf of paper (large one & small one for travel) and these awesome colored pencils.  (Have you seen the new Todd Oldham line of art supplies – Kid Made Modern – at Target? Wow.)
  • Coloring books – cuz sometimes it’s fun to just color in the lines

These are all things I would have picked up anyway to get through the summer, but putting them in a box with a fun sign made it seem much more special!  Next year, I’ll try to get it organized for the last day of school, but nobody in my house seemed to mind!

Happy Summer to you and your kiddos!

What’s in your summer survival kit?

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