5 Quick and Easy Bottle Cap Crafts

We love to take any chance we can to recycle materials into our arts and crafts. It cuts down on waste, teaches our kids about recycling, and challenges us to think outside the box! Or in this case, the bottle! Check out this quick list of bottle cap crafts we hope will inspire you to find a more creative use for those non-recyclable bottle caps!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Ping Pong Spinners

    Transform a few simple household materials into a dazzling spinning top!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Frog Pond Game
    Frog Pond Game

    (Ages 3-11)

    Frogs or turtles--who will land on the lily pads and win?

  • Visual aid of how to complete Toppling Turtles

    Transform your plastic water bottle caps into a quirky stack of turtles. See how many you can stack before the tower of turtles comes tumbling down!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Bottle Cap Bots
    Bottle Cap Bots

    (Ages 9-16)

    Cold, lazy days are a perfect time to turn simple household objects into motor-powered toys. Here's a fun project that recycles bottle caps into little robots that dance and scoot in all kinds of surprising ways!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Finger Cymbals
    Finger Cymbals

    (Ages 3-8)

    This crafty little musical project, made out of everyday recycled items, is sure to have your little ones dancing.

Get inspired!