Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

I must admit, I am a bit of a paint chip fanatic. All the beautiful colors--all the possibilities (though I can't really imagine having the guts to paint a room anything like these). I was in the paint store recently picking up some paint for a touch-up in our bathroom, and brought some extra paint chips home* for some fun with the kids. I had seen this cute idea for a Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt, and thought that sounded like a great activity for indoor or outdoor fun. (*Note: I don't really think of this as unethical--they are FREE after all, and I'm sure the paint companies provide them with gazillions, but I made sure not to wipe them out of any of the colors.)

  1. Ages: 0 - 8

  2. 30 minutes - 1 hour

  3. A little messy

  4. Grownup needed


Materials you'll need

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Step 1

    I chose the paint chips with 4-5 shades, and decided to cut them into individual colors. I also went ahead and punched holes in them so we could gather them together easily. I threaded a rubber band through, so the kids could carry them around. ( In the end, it seemed easier to not have them all connected--so if I do it again, I'll skip the hole punch step.)

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  • Done!

    After that, it's just off to the races. It was a rainy day outside, so S just explored the kitchen, finding all the items she could that matched her set. You could make all kinds of fun games out of it: set a timer to see how many different colors you can find, make a chart of how many items of each color you can find, play paint chip bingo! We kept it pretty simple today, but I know we'll come back to this again. We were frankly a little amazed at the everyday items that matched our brilliant colors. The exercise was a great way to open our eyes to the technicolor world we live in! Again, if you're looking for an activity to occupy your kiddos for 15 minutes or so while you move dinner along (as I always am!), this is a good one. You could also have a great time with this outdoors, as well. I think we can come up with some more ideas for how to use these paint swatches, so stay tuned!

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