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Krystyl F
Apr 13 2020

My son has been so excited to open each new crate that arrives! The content is engaging and the comic story gives him a real-world perspective of the topic. The disc launcher has been his favorite crate so far!

Kiwi Crate
Cara W
Apr 13 2020

These boxes every month exceed my expectations. I have two boys and the each have a subscription and look foward to every month and as soon as they recieve it they sit down and put it together no matter hown long it may take. My youngest son gets the Tinker create and at the beginning I was needing to walk him through step by step but now he can assemble it independently. Cannot say enough about this product. Best Christmas gift and money spent

Tinker Crate
Lucy T
Apr 10 2020

We have previously done Little Passports and found KiwiCo 100% better. More fun crafts, more informative, better quality, more educational, etc.

Atlas Crate
Krystal B
Apr 13 2020

The crafts seem perfectly fitting for my child's age. We had an amazing time as a family doing them.

Koala Crate
Alecia K
Apr 13 2020

My daughter gets them and it is so valuable to see her mind work as an engineer. She is able to build the items herself, which amazes me and builds her confidence. She has only received two kits, but I am very impressed with how perfectly matched they are to her. Also, with remote learning, it is so important she is engaged in high level, hands on, no screen involved materials, which kiwi crate has provided.

Kiwi Crate
Vlada N
Apr 11 2020

Eureka Crates are absolutely amazing! Idea and execution are perfect. So far my daughter built ukulele and lock box and were impressed by quality of both projects. Eureka Crate is now her most desirable gift for any occasion. Highly recommend!

Eureka Crate
Traci H
Apr 12 2020

My daughter is 10 and we have tried different boxes: Little Passports, Steve Spangler and she was bored after a couple and wasn't excited each month. But now she gets a Tinker box and can't wait to open it. Then she constantly asks as soon as the month starts when is her next box coming!

Tinker Crate
Tina T
Apr 12 2020

High quality material. Educational. Excitement of getting something new in the mail. Love your products.

Panda Crate
Lauren W
Apr 13 2020

The boxes are like a birthday gift every month. Now that my granddaughter has put a few together with her dad, she is now able to follow the directions and do them by her self.

Tinker Crate
Aleks M
Apr 13 2020

The crates are unique and so much fun for the whole family!

Kiwi Crate