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Music and Rhythm




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Pasta Making and Shapes


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Grilling and Sequencing


Baking and Fractions



Adventures in Imagination Bundle (3-Pack)



Professions Starter Kit (3-Pack)


Farmers Market


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Fizzy Bath Rocket


Mini Cake Decorating



Professions Starter Kit (4-Pack)


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Marine Biologist Starter Kit


Astronaut Starter Kit


Veterinarian Starter Kit


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How Pretend Play Kits Help Kids

Pretend play kits empower kids to learn while having fun. From exploring the stars as an astronaut to learning how to care for animals as a veterinarian, our pretend play kits introduce kids to awesome professions and help them develop early skills. By showing practical (or fantastically fun!) applications for these STEAM skills, our kits nurture a sense of wonder and imagination, and motivate kids to keep learning!