Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Mini Cake Decorating


What you get

Discover design success — without the kitchen mess! — with this play cake-decorating crate. Make a play cake (and explore simple fractions!) using foam cake slices. Experiment with real piping techniques using a piping nozzle and decorating clay that looks and spreads just like actual frosting. Make loops, lines, swirls, and more, then add some decorations and confetti for extra flair. With the right tools and tutorials, design and decoration is a piece of cake!






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Sep 23 2022

Very cute activity kit for kids! I bought a couple of the kits for my daughters 4th birthday party and had the kids do them at the party. The kids had fun although, I think these kits are more suitable for older kids, not 3+. More like 8+ years old in my opinion. My kids were too young to use frosting tips or spread frosting easily

Jan 26 2022

My granddaughter makes.Christmas cookies with her dad so I knew this was the perfect gift. She’s so proud of her creation

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Dec 1 2021

Both of my kids had fun with it: 7 and almost 5 yo

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